Problem 1 - Carrying your skies and poles

Struggle carrying skies
Skiers Carrying Skies2
Skiers Carrying Skies

Carrying skis and poles while in your ski boots from your car to the slopes, not to mention stairs has always been difficult...especially for the little ones. Skis in one hand, poles in the other hand while waiting for the tram... is a hassle! The solutions until now are separate pieces of apparatus which have to be stored somewhere when you're on the slopes. Then you have to retrieve it later, which adds to the inconvenience.

Problem 1 Solved

A life-long avid skier, John Vacovec, over a 10 year period, developed and perfected his ski carrying device, simply called the ski carrier. It is an integrated ski and pole carrying solution that's tape mounted (no screws) and always stays attached to your skies. BEGINNERS, KIDS, AND ADULTS will now be able to carry and store skis and poles easily as one unit, with one hand, like a pocketbook. There's nothing like it. There are patents pending worldwide.

"The days of dads and moms carrying the kids' gear is over."

We believe this simple product could be included on every ski, integrated with the binding.

AL and John working on the ski carrierAL Harlow, an entrepreneur, and friend of John's was introduced to this device while visiting John at his vacation home on Stratton mountain Vermont and was asked to help. AL when seeing it, thought John's ski carrier was "the most innovative improvement to ski equipment since the ski-brake". He built this website and assisted John in many ways.

Fully designed and tested, the Vacovec Ski Carrier is ready to be licensed to a binding or ski manufacturer. I would also consider an investor who likes and understands the ski industry and the opportunity the ski carrier presents, as a stand-alone product. Currently, ideas for getting it to the marketplace, so skiers can start to benefit from its features and advantages, are sought after.

This webpage serves as an introduction to the product. If you want to learn more, contact John at (508) 277-8839. He would like to see his ski carrier get into the hands of as many skiers as possible soon, to help them enjoy the sport a bit more.

Note: There are other avenues that Al and John pursued together, but for now, it was decided that John should go it alone, and see if he can get his product to market without further assistance from AL.


  • Arms swing out to easily snap to your poles.
  • Arms then retract back when not in use.
  • Carry skies and poles in one hand.
  • No more need to carry and store extra devices.
  • Includes holes to plant your poles securely.
  • Also includes a mount for your GoPro, iPhone or Camera.
Vacovec Ski Carrier holding pole
Vacovec Ski Carrier Assembled CAD Drawing

"The most innovative invention to come along in skiing since the ski-brake!"

Ready to find out more?

John Vacovec Ski Carrier
Vacovec Ski Carrier

Licensing deals are now available. Investors also sought as well to independently manufacture and sell the Vacovec Ski Carrier.