Are You a Marketing Genius?

Then help by naming our product and win our contest.

Even if you’re not a marketing genius, we’re asking you to try and give us that winner name needed for our exciting new product.

The winner will receive 2 free pairs and lots of accolades!

We’re close to a final design, as shown above, of what we have been calling the “Vacovec Ski Carrier”, named initially after John its inventor. But people have not embraced this name, so we have decided to ask everyone we know to help by coming up with that missing perfect name. We’ve thought of names like “Pole Loq”, or “Swiss Army Ski” or simply “Stealth”, but nothing is striking or inspiring enough that explains it all or makes us as excited as we feel the product truly is.


Our New & Improved Design Now Includes a Retractable Cable Lock.

Why We Feel Our Product Needs a New Name:

At first, it was simply a ski carrier, but we went back to the drawing board because we felt our product needed the additional feature having a cable lock, so you’re able to lock your skies and poles quickly and easily to a ski rack before going in the lodge.

To help you come up with a name for us, below is a list of the main features with their advantages and benefits of our soon-to-be manufactured, marketed and sold ski-industry product.

It also should be noted that the base unit does not interfere with the bindings nor ski performance at any time. Plus, if you buy a new pair of skis, our product can be transferred to the new pair simply by using some new 2-sided tape.

Vacovec Ski Carrier holding poleto clip onto your poles and easily carry or store your gear,
3) Pole Holder for inserting your ski pole so you can move through liftlines now hands-free,
4) Optional Accessories are added easily using the threaded brass insert where you can attach for instance a GoPro selfie-stick or our GPS Ski Navigator (coming soon). Made of tough, durable materials for years of use, it attaches to your skies easily, adhering using a special 2-sided 3-M adhesive. Name our product by typing it and submitting the form below. You can make as many suggestions as much as you want.

Suggest a New Name for our Product: